Clinical Governance

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Clinical Governance is an essential feature of rehabilitation and care. It covers a multitude of on-going interventions that monitor, measure, safeguard and improve standards ensuring excellence and that care is safe, ethical, effective and of high quality.

Evidence based practice is central to our approach, combining the latest research, clinical best practice and patient-centric practices. We have developed a comprehensive framework of clinical governance underpinned by the expertise of our experienced Clinical Governance Team and our technological capability.

Our Clinical Governance framework includes:

  • Performance Management – ensuring our services adhere to high standards of delivery and care.
  • Quality Improvement – continuous evaluation of our services to make enhancements to our proposition.
  • Quality Information – ensuring the right information is accessible, timely and presented appropriately.
  • Risk Management – our frameworks that ensure safe delivery of our services to all of our patients' needs and circumstances.

Overland Health operate a strong Clinical Governance system which ensures the highest level of clinical excellence and best practice within both Personal Injury and Occupational Rehabilitation sectors for both physical and mental health treatments. Led internally by Rowena Tunks, Overland Health Rehabilitation Lead, supported by Chris Bartlett, Head of Technical Development and other senior management individuals within the internal team ensure Overland Health maintain very high standards of service delivery and clinical quality.

In addition to Overland Health's internal Clinical Governance structure, we are supported by an 'External Clinical Governance Panel' consisting of industry experts in the field of occupational musculoskeletal health and mental health strategy and governance. Although as individuals they are not responsible for the day-to-day clinical governance function within Overland Health they act as a key point of support for any high level strategy and clinical governance matters.

Overland Health's External Clinical Governance Panel consists of the following individuals employed within a consultancy or advisory capacity:

  • Prof Kim Burton OBE, PhD, HonFFOM

Kim is a freelance occupational health research consultant and professor at the University of Huddersfield, UK. His clinical background in osteopathy led to an academic career focused on the occupational aspects of musculoskeletal problems and their solutions. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, and an expert adviser to the UK government Work and Health Unit. Kim's current research focuses on exploring the nature of obstacles to work participation for people with common health problems, including developing novel vocational rehabilitation and educational interventions to support people and their workplaces.

  • Dr Max Henderson MSc PhD MRCP MRCPsych Hon FFOM. Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist.

Max is a consultant liaison psychiatrist in Leeds, UK. He is dual trained in medicine and psychiatry, and has spent his whole career working at the interface between physical and mental health. He has worked closely with Occupational Health departments since 2001, and his PhD looked at early life risk factors for long term sickness absence. He has advised the Department of Health, the Department for Transport and the Department for Work and Pensions and the Chief Medical Officer on aspects of mental health and work. In 2015 he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and in 2018 he was appointed to the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council.