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Getting Started

After logging in for the first time please click on the Triage button to complete an online assessment of your symptoms/injuries. The information you provide will be reviewed to determine the way forward. You will also have access to our self-help guides, which provide a range of information to help you with your daily activities.

Overland Health is a leading provider of Health, Work and Rehabilitation Solutions

Overland Health has been selected by NHS England as a preferred provider to deliver Rapid Access to Physiotherapy Services. Overland Health is a specialist nationwide rehabilitation company and we are pleased to be providing a range of services for NHS England Employees.

Our Rapid Access to Physiotherapy services includes access to self-help information, telephone physiotherapy and clinic based physiotherapy appointments.

Overland Health provides both Telephone and Clinic based Physiotherapy. Whether you require telephone or clinic based physiotherapy depends upon the nature of your presentation and symptoms. The majority of complaints are ‘self-limiting’ meaning they will get better over time with the right advice and exercise and therefore respond well to Telephone Physiotherapy. If we consider that you require a clinic based appointment we will arrange an appointment for you with our nationwide network of clinics.

Overland Health has always put our patients first. Our work is focused on fulfilling our role as a health service provider that is fully committed to ensuring an injured person shows an improvement in their physical condition.

We combine clinical expertise, research and advanced technological capabilities to provide our customers with a range of high quality rehabilitation solutions.

Embracing a ‘stepped-care’ model of rehabilitation, we offer triage, light-touch and more intensive rehabilitation services for Physical, Psychological and Complex Injury presentations. We also offer specialist assessments and interventions for the workplace and provide diagnostics, specialist medical assessments and medical treatments.

We are a technology focused company. Our Healthcare Technology platforms support our uncompromised approach to clinical excellence and rehabilitation best-practice.